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We leverage our Microsoft partnership to support you to streamline your business operations, proactively address security and compliance challenges, and embrace new technologies to stay competitive. Increase scalability, reduce operating costs, and secure your cloud with ECI and Microsoft.

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MSFT Partnership

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MSFT Partnership

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we are known for our extensive experience in making cloud transformations a reality.

We design, implement and manage Microsoft Azure-powered solutions, combined with our data protection and cloud security solutions to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Navigating your cloud journey

Utilizing Microsoft 365 and related industry leading applications, we provide a unified, fully managed solution that combines Microsoft Azure and Microsoft’s Modern Workplace capabilities with ECI’s cloud and security expertise.

  • Email

    Secure email via Office 365


    Access the latest Microsoft Office apps, installed via 365 as well as critical security layers including email encryption, antivirus, malware protection and more.

  • Tick shield

    Robust security built-in for cyber protection

    Tick shield

    Ensure your data and application are protected on every layer with multi-factor authentication protocols and role-based access control systems.

  • Document

    File share flexibility


    With public cloud, flexibility is essential. This is why we offer Microsoft OneDrive and traditional shared drives in a single solution – to easily store and access files from all validated devices.


    Increase collaboration and productivity


    Through Microsoft Teams, Power Apps, SharePoint, and Viva, end users can easily and securely collaborate from anywhere.


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    The cloud promises flexibility, scalability, and increased efficiency. Investment firms can shrink their data center footprints and better support clients in today’s digital-first world.  

  • 6 Ways Microsoft 365 Can Strengthen Your Firm's Cybersecurity


    Office 365 relieves companies of the need to endlessly install security patches and roll out new versions. Instead, Microsoft continuously maintains the software, which customers access online from their desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.